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I’m Sheba, born in 1988 with an 8 house stellium. Since as long as I can remember I was open to the spiritual world in the form of energies and extreme sensitivities and I have been working with it ever since in different ways that came natural to me. Besides hands on experience through spirit contact I educated myself on these topics through my first love; books, devouring them extensively on the topics of dream explanation, healing, reincarnation and astrology since grade 1. I was lucky to have access to these topics in my parental home library as they helped me to make sense of my lighter sensitivities. The darker sensitivities, related to spirit contact, necromancy and karmic healing came later in my teens and twenties through more intense life experiences.

I view this work as my soul mission (Pisces North Node 4th house). My strengths developed throughout this life as well as past lives through both practical experience and theoretical education. I find it important to balance the logic with the intuitive so it can form a perfect grounded balance that reaches both deep and high.

My work is based on everything related to energy work, whether to read it or direct it, through direct contact or through cards. Always with the best interest at heart of the person in front of me and with humanity as a whole in mind. I work in line with karma and with the permission and blessings of the most high.

The sessions I do center around karmic soul work where the subconscious has the main focus. As someone with heavy 8 house presence in the birth chart my natural interest goes to the darker sides of spiritual development as I believe that the ones with more intense soul missions are born to experience heavier life experiences too, to match up and be made ready to live out the soul’s destiny. Trauma, karmic patterns, entity attachments, soul pain and more things of this kind are right up my alley.

Shadow work, energetic releases and charging of the energetic body are a result of the energetic contact made through my sessions bringing you closer to your soul and opening up the possibility for deeper healing, understanding of your experiences and soul lessons and even at times intergenerational (bloodline/karmic) energies.

I welcome people of all walks of life, the only prerequisite to work with me is that you are serious about your spiritual development and believe that energy is real.

My experience is diverse, I’m certified in several different healing modalities from Reiki (master) to auric surgery to alchemical healing and crystal therapy. I’m a born clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairaudient and clairsentient and have been training these abilities since childhood. In the last 5 years I have been working as a professional paid medium on spiritual and social platforms after realising that there is nothing else I rather do than assisting people moving forward with their spiritual development and to focus on that. This realisation of course did not come for free and came with it’s own challenge of a near death experience and since that time my path has been clear to me. This work is part of my soul’s mission and having worked for free since 2010 for friends and acquaintances as well as my own’s life trajectory gave me the right experience to move forward and pursue further education into the field of healing.

My fields of study: Applied psychology, Jungian psychology, Hypnotherapy (scope of practice; trauma release and sexual abuse), (Karmic)Western Astrology, Remote Viewing, Child development, Tarot, Occultism, Pharmakeia (plant healing, herbalism), Crystal therapy, Chakra healing, Hatha & Raja Yoga Teacher Training with meditation, asana’s and pranayama, Nutrition, Ancient folk magic, Womb Healing, and many other types of the feminine arts with focus on the Greek and Middle Eastern forms.

In the end all the power is within ourselves as long as we find the keys to open it, through my work we will create a path of least resistance for it to be able to fully unlock and flow, by finding the resistance present in your energetic body now and using that as a way to unlock gifts and wisdom.

If any questions about my experiences, path or certifications, feel free to contact me by e-mail.

with Love & Holy Darkness


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