Other services

Tarot readings:

General On topics of relationships, career, personal and spiritual development or other magical divinations.

one topic/question 3 card reading €48

two topics/questions 3 card reading. €64

three topics/questions 3 card reading. €93

These readings offer insight into the past, present and future energy of the situation and are meant to offer direction or answer questions.

Mental healing To give insight into your hidden strengths, what you require to utilise these and what results that can bring.

One topic 5 card reading €55

Unlimited reading 1 hour of asking away, multiple topics and unlimited reshuffling


Tarot readings can be done in written PDF or verbally over the phone.

Photo Reading

€ 55

Soul mission and Karmic Astrology a peak into your natal chart to see what your soul came to do in this lifetime, your past life’s energy, the karma and healing you require to do and the path towards soul development that needs to be taken.


Love Synastry Astrology A detailed report to find out more about the partnership and explore the different energies present. I will look into the the weak and strong points through synastry and composite based on two natal charts Incl 5 personal questions


Spiritual Security and Protection Work Unblocking, installing protection, removal of parasites/evil eye/curse work, this or past lives, divination on obstacles or secret enemies. A combination of energy work and divination.

No set price, depends on situation, upon consultation only.

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