Healing & Energy Work

Compared to the feeling of a “spa for the soul” by my clients. This session combines a psychic energetic reading, with a cleansing and healing of your aura and energy centers. This subconscious work brings you closer to who you truly are from the inside. Especially helpful for anyone who is stuck in a rut, deals with blockages, parasites, or deeper layers of programming and trauma. This work requires an inner levelling up and will affect also your external life for the positive. According to needs you can book an extra astrological reading to get more insights into your pain points, destiny, past life energy and karma. This comes including advice on how to work with that to go forward.

Full session: Soul centred energetic reading, cleansing and healing

90-120 minutes

This session is one that combines different techniques and psychic abilities to make an atunement to your auric field and energy centers. The work is personal, done with the utmost love and respect for your soul and life. It’s quite literally Soul Work where an impact will be made on both patient and healer. You will know from within when you are ready for this type of energy work. The deep energetic healing always comes at the right time, triggering healing and spiritual growth. It touches on the subject of shadow work and is created to release energy no longer serving you and to enhance your divine essence. Permanent release is consciousness dependent and therefore this work is combined with subconscious work through a psychic reading to bring this to awareness. I work according to the needs coming up during the scan and do my work always in line with karma. As long as you believe in the power of energy and trust me to work on you we can work together. Every session is done in utmost sacredness and from a soul centred perspective.

When would you need this type of work?

  • Low energy, burned out, feeling blocked or having bad luck.
  • To remove energetic attachments to other people whether mental or physical.
  • You are a healer, occultist or energy worker yourself and in need of the eye of an outsider.
  • You feel the need to release thought patterns and emotions that are no longer serving you.
  • You want to scan and cleanse you aura from any general attachments, parasites, entities, curses.
  • You want a spiritual upgrade. Enhancing your own spiritual abilities or to attract specific things which you can tell me during the intake, infusing specific energy can be done.
  • You want to know what is holding you back and what is subconsciously affecting your daily life or you want to know where your strengths are
  • You are just practicing self care and this feels as something you want to try or have done before.

There are of course a lot of other personal reasons possible why you could book a session with me, to discuss before booking send me an e-mail: slm@sheba156.com

How does a session work?

Before each session, there is an intake where you can share your reason of booking, however there is no need to do this. I will find your individual needs on my own through getting in contact with your energetic field, sometimes sessions can be even better when not much has been shared beforehand as the things which require focus will jump out on their own.

Sessions are done from a distance, this does not affect the work at all. Distance work is as strong as sessions in person. I will need to be in a deeper meditational state and I will ask you as well to be in a relaxed state at home, lying down is perfect, somewhere you won’t get disturbed. Sound will be turned off if we decide to connect on Zoom beforehand, preferably there will be no contact at all during the session. I can send you some music to tap in to.

What will I do during your session:

  • Banishing, protection and opening of session
  • Scan of aura and energy centers
  • Thorough cleansing, cord release if agreed on. (0-12 chakra’s)
  • Use of crystals, herbs, the elements, to aid in work
  • Charging of energy field with universal life force (1-7 chakra’s)
  • Closing of Session
  • Report send through e-mail
  • Closing/ personal talk if wanted

What your body can do during your session:

  • Twitches and muscle spasms
  • Tickles or feelings of touch on your body
  • Yawning, gas release or tears
  • Sudden sense to use the toilet (detoxing)

All of these are energetic releases and normal responses.

What your mind can do during your session:

  • Showing you visions of past (life) experiences
  • Showing you what is subconsciously affecting you
  • Can give you the feeling of a psychedelic experience
  • Sudden burst of realisations or being inspired

Extra’s I offer for an addition of 50 EUR during 1 session. If you feel you are in need of multiple extra’s you will need to book multiple sessions, every extra is an extra 30 minutes added to the session and will require energy from you as well, so 3 days rest in between is best.

  • Womb healing
  • Third Eye charging
  • 8-12th chakra charging and blockage removal (for advanced souls and opening of higher spiritual abilities like Astral Projection, Strong Psychic skills, Telekenesis, Remote viewing etc)
  • Earth star grounding, for quicker manifestation and finances

Whatever is released will come to your realisation first, this is needed for longterm release.

After the session you can feel both refreshed and tired. It’s advised to drink enough water that day and to have a good night’s rest. The effects will be felt immediately but will also build up on the days and weeks and even months after the session as it needs time to settle in for all changes to occur.

Soul Centered Energetic Reading and Healing (90-120 min)

Energy reading and healing. Scanning of aura and energy centers, removal of blockages, cord removal if agreed on, cleansing, charging. Includes intake and outturn communication, reading will be send in a report to keep by e-mali.


Session + additional work


Spiritual Security Work Unblocking, removal of parasites/evil eye/curse work, this or past lives.

Combo of Divination and Energy Work

No set price, depends on situation, upon consultation only.

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