Energy Work in all it’s forms

~~Your body and soul are connected through the energetic body. The energetic body operates like a mediator between your spiritual (soul) and physical self and is in direct communication at all times, holding endless stories about who you are on a soul level, influencing reality through energetic stories that we hold from memories and experiences.

Understanding these stories is vital for our spiritual development. However these stories aren’t always easy to access because they are deeply hidden into our subconscious worlds. Through dreamwork, meditation, and energy work they can be called forward. In these lower brain wave states is where energy is easiest accessible but also easiest forgotten, so sometimes a scribe to assist you in accessing these parts may be handy

To assist others in this sacred process of recovering and restructuring energetic dna I offer my services as an energetic linguist, a reader, translator and transcriber, so that the energetic sensitivities can not only be understood but also grow in strength. Navigating these stories on our own can at times be hard to do, it can feel overwhelming, unclear or even scary. The more you learn about your personal stories, the easier it will get to learn how to listen to them. The language the stories use are silence and symbolism. 

The work I do is a collaboration of another person’s energy field and mine, where I carefully feel into the energetic system, listen to the silence and translate these energetic nudges into human words by documenting my findings. It doesn’t end there though, I redirect in places where I’m told to work on which the energy field is telling me to do so, this process can help the soul in it’s coming to bloom into the physical body, to shed layers of old experiences nor helpful for our growth and to bring a closer connection of the body and soul to promote health in all bodies, as the more soul we manage to bring into our bodies, the more radiance we exude, and the more we can be aligned with matters of health and wealth. Our energy is the base of our life.

All sessions are highly sacred soul work and everyone who feels truly called to work with me I welcome wholeheartedly to reach out, also for questions.

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